It’s that time of the year again…

New Year resolutions are in my humble opinion a drag and something that is just made to ease some guilt. Who achieves their resolutions anyway?

After travelling Europe earlier in December I got a bit of a different perspective. Travelling broadens your horizons in a way that leaves you gasping for breath from astonishment and in the end it leaves you changed forever. My latest travels left me with an unsettling feeling. What is the meaning of everything. 2015 Is just another year that’s going to come and go with its ups and downs and that’s just it?

In my favorite animation movie, The Prince of Egypt, Moses asks a wise old man what the worth and meaning of his life is. The old man replies by saying that if you want to know what your life is worth, you should look at your life through heaven’s eyes. That made me think of a quote that I heard, “Life is all about moments, moments of impact”. I came to the conclusion that life is too short to live a worthless life that isn’t filled with moments of impact.

This year my motto shall be “life begins at the end of your comfort zone” and I shall have a long list of New Year resolutions because 2015 is only going to come once. It might as well be a year of impact moments.


I am a passionate traveler who loves to experience new things and see different places. My life goal is to see the world and follow a map to its edges. I want to forget the plans and follow my instincts and let curiosity be my guide. I want to change hemispheres and sleep with unfamiliar stars. I want to let the journey unfold before me. This blog will be all about travelling and experiencing new things. About celebrating life and enjoying the little pleasures given to us. Join me on this voyage and tell me what you think!